Srex Power secures bid to construct 400 kV substations

Srex Power India has secured a bid to construct 400kV substations at Imphal, Bongaigaon, Sitamarhi and Surjamaninagar in north-east India.

The cost of the project is Rs 581 million. The tender also includes extension of the 400kV Imphal substation including 420kV, 2X63MVAR Line Reactor under North Eastern Region Strengthening Scheme (NERSS) XI; extension of 400kV Bongaigaon substations under NERSS-XII; extension of 400kV Surajmaninagar (TSECL) Substation under NERSS-XIV; and extension of 400kV Sitamarhi (Power Grid) substation under transmission system for power evacuation from Arun-3 (900MW) HEP, Nepal.  The renewable arm of Srex Power has also booked another order for Rs 224 million projects to construct a greenfield 220kV 300MW substation ENEL Green Energy in Bikaner, Rajasthan.