Sembcorp, PUB open Tengeh Floating Solar Farm

Sembcorp Floating Solar Singapore (Sembcorp) and the National Water Agency PUB have officially unmoored the 60 MWp Sembcorp Tengeh Floating Solar Farm at the Tengeh Reservoir. 

The solar farm consists of 122,000 solar panels spanning across 45 hectares and is one of the world’s largest inland floating solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. The electricity generated from this project will be sufficient to power five local water treatment plants of Singapore, offsetting about 7 per cent of PUB’s annual energy needs and reducing its carbon footprint by about 32 kilotonnes annually. The construction of the solar farm started in August 2020 and Sembcorp was in charge of designing, building, and operating the farm. It was completed on time with full safety management measures in place.


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