Government of Vietnam raises its 2030 target for coal-fired generation capacity

The Government of Vietnam has raised its 2030 target for installed coal-fired generation capacity from 37.3 GW to 40.70 GW.

This increase is a part of the country’s long-term ambitions to support economic growth. An additional 10 GW of coal-fired capacity will be added by 2035. Despite increasing targets for coal capacity, the government will continue to push for the increase in the share of RE in total energy generation, which is expected to reach 31.6 GW by 2030, up from around 17 GW in 2021.In the base load scenario, coal-fired plants are expected to account for around 31 per cent of Vietnam’s entire capacity by 2030. By 2030, the total generation capacity is predicted to reach 130.37 GW, up from approximately 70 GW in 2021 while RE, gas, and hydroelectric sources will make up the rest of the total projected capacity.


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