Hitachi Energy to power the biggest hydroelectric project in Jammu & Kashmir

Hitachi Energy will power the Pakal Dul hydroelectric project, situated on the river Marusudar. It is possibly the biggest hydroelectric project in Jammu & Kashmir, constituting a 548 foot tall concrete-face rockfill dam expected to enhance the region’s power generation capacity. It is capable of generating 1,000 MW of green electricity. Germany-based Voith Hydro, wh­ich operates the site, chose technology pioneer Hitachi En­ergy for its generator transformers, and control and protection systems to ensure uninterrupted, efficient and safe transmission of power at higher voltages from the hydropower plant. The design of the transformers took into account cons­tra­in­ts on weight and dimensions to ensure safe transport within the hilly terrain. The control and protection solution is a critical system in any power network, and it was chosen by the customer for its high reliability and flexibility. Hitachi En­ergy’s control and protection solution is based on advanced communication protocols and is compliant with the latest cybersecurity standards for power systems.


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