Pakistan’s NTDC makes plan to reduce transmission system constraints

Pakistan’s state-owned transmission utility, National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC), has prepared a plan for eliminating transmission system constraints, at a cost of PKR12.66 billion (where 1 PKR = $0.0059) over the next four years (2021-24).

As part of the total plan, PKR8.75 billion will be provided by donor agencies, while NTDC is responsible for PKR3.84 billion.Three major constraints that exist in the current national grid system include, overloading of 500 kV/220 kV/132 kV transformers and extra-high voltage (EHV) transmission lines; and low voltage profiles at grid stations.NTDC has developed and begun implementation of a two-phase plan to remove present transmission constraints and increase transmission capacity in order to meet future load demand. The first phase of the plan, which extends from late 2021 to June 2022, is designed to take care of the immediate needs. It includes the completion of ongoing transmission projects. In the second phase from June 2022 to end-2024, NTDC will implement the Emergency Management Plan through internal arrangements and own resources, for addition/augmentation of 500/220 kV and 220/132 kV transformers at existing grid stations and rehabilitation of 220 kV transmission lines.These completed NTDC projects will result in the elimination of system constraints in NTDC’s network and increase the capability of the national grid system by about 2,000 MW.


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