SJVN plans to spend Rs 80 billion next financial year

SJVN Limited is planning to spend around Rs 80 billion in 2022-23,on multiple under-construction hydro, thermal, transmission and renewable energy projects.

The planned capex is 45 per cent higher than the expected capex of Rs 55 billion in the current fiscal.This capex has been spread over ten projects of over 3,500 MW capacity that are in the construction stage.The project which are in advanced stages of construction and are utilising a large part of the capex are 1,320 MW Buxar thermal power project in  Bihar, 900 MW Arun-3 hydroelectric project (HEP) and 217 km Arun-3 transmission line in Nepal, and 600 MW Kholongchuu HEP in Bhutan. The company has met the current fiscal year’s capex target of Rs 50 billion a month in advance and, at the existing pace of work, it is likely to exceed this target by 10 per cent.