MoPeases 79 power sector related compliances under EoDB-RCB programme in 2021

During 2021, the Ministry of Power (MoP) has eased 79 burdensome compliances of the power sector under the Ease of Doing Business-Reducing Compliance Burden (EoDB-RCB) programme, which were affecting individual consumers and industry.

EoDB-RCB is a programme of the government to reduce the regulatory compliance burden on citizens and businesses. The government had launched a regulatory compliance portal, a central online repository of all central and state-level compliances to reduce the regulatory compliance burden of citizens and businesses. The ministry has started a fresh exercise for 2022 and has prepared an Action Plan for 2022 under two phases. The first phase will continue till March 31, 2022 while the second phase will continue till August 15, 2022.So far, MoP has eased 22 burdensome compliances in the first phase of Action Plan 2022 of the EoDB.