Assam Electricity Regulatory Commission approves hike in electricity tariff

The Assam Electricity Regulatory Commission has approved the increased tariff of Rs 0.59 per unit of electricityand will come into effect from April 1, 2022.

The hike was approved following a shortfall in revenue in the current financial year due to continuous lockdown induced by the Covid-19 pandemic and a dip in demand for a considerable period of time during the year.Assam Power Distribution Company Limited (APDCL) had urged the commission for approval of truing up a gap of Rs 11.68 billion including a carrying cost of Rs 1.95 billion for 2020-21. APDCL has claimed an annual performance review (APR) gap of  Rs 7.10 billion for 2021-22 and an aggregate revenue requirement (ARR)gap of Rs 11.57 billion for 2022-23 totaling Rs 30.35 billion. In the petition, APDCL had sought a hike by around Rs 2.41, an increase of around 34 per cent, but the regulatory commission has allowed an average tariff hike of 8 per cent across categories for 2022-23.


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