India, Japan to collaborate on EVs, battery storage, hydrogen

India and Japan haveagreed to expand the 2007 cooperation under the Japan-India Energy Dialogue to include electric vehicle (EV), storage systems including batteries, EV charging infrastructure, development of solar energy including solar photovoltaic cells, wind energy and clean coal technologies

They will also collaborate on green hydrogen and ammonia, liquefied natural gas (LNG), biofuels and strategic oil reserves.Under the partnership, both nations agree that cooperation may also be pursued in other areas including through collaboration between leading research institutions and private sector of both countries for practical steps in accordance with their respective energy transition plans. These could include disposal, recycling and reclamation of useful material from batteries, solar panels, turbine blades and electronics; clean steel, and clean construction.While India is targeting net zero-carbon emission by the year 2070, Japan is looking to achieve the target by 2050.