Government of Singapore and Indonesia to facilitate cross border solar export

The Governments of Indonesia and Singapore are collaborating to develop a new regulatory framework to facilitate solar energy exports between the two countries and have formed a working group to explore the regulations and mechanics of cross-border power sales.

The governments will also create a system to determine who will construct and operate the electrical transmission network. Renewable energy exports will include point-to-point, grid-to-grid and grid-to-grid-II mechanisms. Additionally, due to the nature of the power trading projects between the two nations, the proposed revisions are likely to alter the existing laws. This move comes after both the governments signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to boost bilateral energy cooperation between Indonesia and Singapore in January 2022. The MoU intends to promote government-to-government and industry-to-industry collaboration on energy projects, such as the development of new solar power and hydrogen systems, cross-border and regional electricity networks, energy trading, and project finance.