SunSource Energy commissions phase 1 of its 45 MWp solar project

SunSource Energy has announced the successful commissioning of the first phase of its 45 MWp open-access project in Shivala Kalan village of Uttar Pradesh.

Upon being fully commissioned, the project is expected to be one of the largest open-access solar power projects in the state. The project is being built on 164 acres of land and utilises transmission lines of 40 km to connect to the grid.  The first phase has been built across 64 acres of land and connects to the state grid via a 16 km transmission line. The land used in the development of this project has been leased from multiple local owners, creating a steady cash flow stream to the local communities for more than two decades without displacing their existing source of income or changing land ownership patterns.The project will offset over 1,500 million kilogram of CO2 emission over its technical lifetime.