State Energy and Climate Index Round-I – NITI Aayog Report

NITI Aayog has developed the State Energy & Climate Index (SECI) which measures the state’s efforts for improving the energy sector. The index has been designed to assess and identify the scope for improving the performance of states and to help them efficiently manage their energy resources.

The index has a preliminary set of 27 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) covering 6 parameters ‘discom’s performance’, ‘access, affordability & reliability of energy’, ‘clean energy initiatives’, ‘energy efficiency’, ‘environmental sustainability’ and ‘new initiatives’.

The scores and ranks are presented as per larger states, smaller states, and UTs. Gujarat, Kerala and Punjab are the top three performers among larger states. Goa has emerged as the top-performing state in the ‘Smaller States’ category, followed by Tripura and Manipur. Among UTs, Chandigarh, Delhi, and D&D/D&N are performing well.

Download the report here


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