Delta Electronics introduces state-of-the-art technology in medium voltage power quality restorer

Delta Electronics India has introduced a new power quality product. The product is an 11kV 3 ϕ medium voltage power quality restorer (PQR). Designed and developed keeping in mind industrial loads and Indian grid code requirements, it is an essential solution to the plethora of power quality problems.

It is expected that India’s power demand gets doubled in this decade, largely fueled by fast growth. To meet the demand, addition of more renewable energy resources like wind and solar has been planned by the Government of India. Increasing industrial loads and huge renewable energy integration will lead to power quality problems like voltage fluctuation, flickers and equipment failures. Medium voltage PQR effectively solves the power quality issues with higher efficiency. It has grouping modular technology and all-inclusive embedded system. The product’s high reliability, high power density, and low losses ensure savings for the industrial units. It is capable of providing both leading and lagging reactive power along with current harmonic compensation. Load imbalance correction and voltage regulation are the other key benefits. It reduces the electricity bill by a considerable amount, as it avoids the power factor penalties and harmonic surcharges. Delta’s PQR product has been developed and shall be manufactured in India as per the criteria of the Make In India initiative.