Apraava Energy commissions solar electrification project in Madhya Pradesh

Apraava Energy has completed a solar electrification project which began in 2020 to meet the energy needs of over 3,687 households around its Satpura Transco Private Limited (STPL) transmission project in Madhya Pradesh.

Apraava Energy implemented the project in partnership with SELCO Foundation in 14 villages around Seoni Malwa in Hoshangabad district and Ashta in Sehore district. Earlier, the villagers faced multiple challenges due to inconsistent power supply. 52 solar street lights were set up in the common areas of the villages. Basic appliances such as fans and lights powered by solar energy have been installed in anganwadis. The solutions implemented under the initiative have the capacity to generate approximately 13.9 MWh per year of solar power and lead to a reduction in carbon emissions of approximately 11.2 tonnes per year.