Mumbai International Airport now becomes 100 per cent sustainable on green energy

Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has entirely switched to green sources for its energy consumption needs, making it a 100 per cent sustainable airport.

CSMIA was the first in India to launch hybrid technology which solely runs on green energy since April 2022, thus enabling a highly efficient and low carbon future for aviation. This initiative is part of the airport’s efforts that reduces its carbon footprint and propels its journey towards net zero emissions. Out of the total 100 per cent, CSMIA procures around 5 per cent of the airport’s electricity requirement through its onsite solar generation and the rest 95 per cent from other green sources such as hydro and wind energy. CSMIA witnessed a rise in natural energy procurement with 57 per cent green consumption in April 2022 to a whopping 98 per cent between May to July 2022. It finally attained the landmark 100 per cent utilisation of renewable sources of energy in August 2022.


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