Draft Guidelines: Resource Adequacy Planning Framework for India by CEA

In recent years, the Indian power sector has undergone several significant developments that require redesigning of the power market. One of the most important redesign measures would be to ensure adequate generation capacity contracting in order to ensure that demand is reliably met in the future, over all possible time horizons. This is because there is a clear mandate to increase the amount of renewable energy, which is variable and intermittent in nature. As a result of the following developments, resource adequacy planning was deemed to be necessary.

The Central Electricity Authority has recently notified the draft guidelines for Resource Adequacy Planning Framework for India.  These guidelines are divided into five sections covering broadly about the key challenges in generation planning, recent developments, key design parameters for RA framework, integrated resource planning to arrive at optimal capacities in the long-term and fulfill RA and lastly, institutional mechanism for RA and compliance monitoring.

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