BrightNight announces differentiated 100 MW hybrid wind-solar power project in Maharashtra

BrightNight has announced plans for one of its inaugural projects in India, a differentiated 100 MW co-located, wind-solar hybrid renewable power project that will deliver clean, high-capacity factor power to commercial and industrial (C&I) customers in the state of Maharashtra.

The renewable power project will meet up to 80 per cent of C&I customers’ power consumption and potentially save customers up to 25 per cent annually on their energy bills while avoiding carbon emissions equivalent to up to 6 million tonnes for project life. The project will consist of co-located wind and solar components, making efficient utilisation of grid infrastructure and enabling ease of operations for the grid operator. The company is targeting to commission the project by the first quarter 2024. BrightNight will work with C&I customers to sign long-term power offtake agreements for the project to meet the highest portion of their power load requirements.