Government accepts Task Force report for modern and smart power transmission systems

The recommendations of a report of a task force suggesting ways for modernisation of transmission sector and making it smart and future ready have been accepted.

With this, the country will soon have a modern and smart power transmission system with features such as real-time monitoring and automated operation of grid, better situational assessment, capability to have increased share of renewable capacity in the power-mix, enhanced utilisation of transmission capacity, greater resilience against cyber-attacks as well as natural disasters, centralised and data driven decision-making, reduction in forced outages through self-correcting systems, among others. A modern transmission grid is vital to achieve the government’s vision of 24×7 reliable and affordable power to the people and meet the sustainability goals. Central Electricity Authority has been directed to formulate necessary standards and regulations for adoption of identified technological solutions and set benchmark performance levels so as to build a robust and modern transmission network in the country. The Task Force has recommended centralised remote monitoring, operation of substations including supervisory control and data acquisition, flexible AC transmission devices (FACTs), dynamic line loading system (DLL), wide area measurement system (WAMS) using phasor measurement units and data analytics, hybrid alternating current (AC) / high-voltage direct current (HVDC) system, predictive maintenance technique using artificial intelligence /machine learning algorithms, high temperature low sag conductors, process bus based protection automation and control, gas insulated switchgear (GIS)/hybrid substation, cyber security, energy storage system, and drones and robots in construction/inspection of transmission assets. While the short-term to medium term recommendations will be implemented over 1-3 years, the long-term interventions are proposed to be implemented over a period of 3-5 years.