Construction begins on USD230 million Stung Pursat hydropower I dam in Cambodia

Construction has commenced on the Stung Pursat hydropower I dam in Cambodia.

This is an 80 MW facility being built at a cost of USD230 million, the funding for which will be provided by South Korea-based SPHP (Cambodia) Company Limited. The work on the dam will be completed in 2026, making it the second such facility in the Pursat province. Renewable energy generated will be supplied to Electricite du Cambodge (EDC) at the rate of USD0.07 per kWh. The main power sources in the country are hydropower and coal-fired power plants. However, under the Government of Cambodia’s long term climate goals till 2040, no new thermal power projects will be approved, other than those that were cleared in 2019. Hydropower studies on the Mekong River has also been halted for the moment.