Cambodia to require investments worth USD9 billion in the power sector

Cambodia will need around USD9 billion in investments till 2040 to expand the national grid capacity as well as to develop new power plants.

For the 2022-25 period, USD2.5 billion has been approved for planned developments. Another USD6.5 billion has been earmarked for hydropower and solar power projects, battery energy storage systems (BESS), natural gas-fired power plants, and biomass power plants, in a push to increase renewable energy investments. Domestic electricity demand is expected to increase to 24 billion kWh by 2025, to 36 billion kWh hours by 2030, and 66 billion kWh in 2040. At the end of 2022, Cambodia’s total power generation capacity was 4,495 MW. According to the plan, Cambodia will not add new coal-fired power plants to its master power development plan, except for the coal projects that were approved by the year 2019.