CERC notifies CERC (Indian Electricity Grid Code) Regulations, 2023

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has notified the CERC (Indian Electricity Grid Code) Regulations, 2023.

These regulations will apply to all users, state load despatch centres (SLDCs), renewable energy management centres, regional load despatch centres (RLDCs), national load despatch centre, central transmission utility, state transmission utilities, licensees, five regional power committees, settlement nodal agencies, qualified coordinating agencies and power exchanges to the extent applicable. For stable, reliable and secure grid operation and to achieve maximum economy and efficiency of the power system, the grid code apart from the provisions relating to the role of various statutory bodies and organisations and functional linkages among them, contains extensive provisions pertaining to reliability and adequacy of resources; technical and design criteria for connectivity to the grid including integration of new elements, trial operation and declaration of commercial operation of generating stations and inter-state transmission systems; protection setting and performance monitoring of the protection systems including protection audit; unit commitment, scheduling and despatch criteria for physical delivery of electricity; integration of renewables; ancillary services and reserves; and cyber security.

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