Ministry of Coal receives 35 bids in ongoing round of commercial coal mine auctions

The Ministry of Coal has received 35 bids for 18 coal mines under the seventh tranche and second attempt of sixth tranche of commercial coal mine auctions.

Under the seventh tranche of auctions, a total of 34 bids both online and offline were received against 17 coal mines and two bids were received only online but not offline. Two or more bids have been received for seven coal mines i.e. 24 bids (both online and offline) against 7 coal mines and 10 coal mines have received single bids (both online and offline). Of these 17 coal mines, nine  are partially explored and remaining mines  are fully explored. The cumulative peak rated capacity (PRC) of the fully explored coal mines is 47.80 million tonne per annum (mtpa). 16 coal mines are non-coking coal mines and one mine is coking coal mine. Under the second attempt of sixth tranche, a total of 5 coal mines were put up for auctions and one bid has been received against 1 coal mine which is a fully explored non-coking coal mine. The PRC of the coal mine is 4 mtpa. Notably, the seventh round of commercial coal mine auctions was launched by the Ministry of Coal on March 29, 2023 for 103 coal mines. The last date for submission of bid was June 27, 2023.