Tata Power and Ayodhya Development Authority collaborate to install EV charging points

Tata Power has collaborated with the Ayodhya Development Authority to set up electric vehicle (EV) charging points in public parking locations across the city.

This strategic partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of EVs and promote sustainable transportation solutions in the city of Ayodhya. Under this collaboration, Tata Power proposes to install EV charging points at key locations accessible to the public, including Parking Survya Kund, Guptar Ghat, Amaniganj multi-level parking (MLCP) in front of the Jalkal Department; Kaushesh Kunj MLCP parking near the Ayodhya railway station; Tedhi Bazar MLCP parking on the east and west sides of Ayodhya; and the Collectorate Office parking in Ayodhya. These selected sites have been strategically chosen to provide convenient and accessible charging facilities for EV users, ensuring a seamless charging experience across the city.