CERC issues directions under IEGC regulations in special circumstances

Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has issued directions under Clause (2) of Part-7 Miscellaneous of the CERC (Indian Electricity Grid Code (IEGC)) Regulations, 2010, in special circumstances.

It noted that Grid Controller of India Limited has submitted that the grid is experiencing a high demand period, and on August 11, 2023 load shedding of the order of 6-7 GW was reported by the states. Grid-India also pointed out that load shedding was resorted to, despite 3 GW generation capacity was available under reserve shutdown in addition to capacity in running units, and such available capacity was not offered for sale in the market. Keeping in view the impending shortage situation, the requirement to bring the maximum generation capacity available for supply, the late payment surcharge (LPS) rules being effective from June 2022 and prevailing special circumstances, and in exercise of the powers under Clause (2) of miscellaneous, Part-7 of the 2010 Grid Code, the commission has directed the state load depatch centres (SLDCs) to advise drawl schedules to the respective regional load depatch centre (RLDC) by 10 AM on day ahead basis for the next day. In addition to conveying an ex-power plant despatch schedule at 6 pm, RLDC shall also convey ex-power plant despatch schedule to each of the inter state generating station (ISGS), in MW for a different time block, for the ‘D’ day by 10.30 AM on ‘D-1’ day based on drawal schedules advised by SLDCs by 10 AM on ‘D-1’ day. ISGS shall be allowed to sell the power unrequisitioned by the beneficiaries after drawl schedules are provided by SLDCs at 10 AM. The power sold in the day ahead market by the generating company shall not be allowed to be scheduled by the original beneficiary. However, any power remaining unsold in a generating station after the day ahead market results may be requisitioned by the beneficiary. The sharing of gains from the sale of unrequisitioned power by the generating station shall be governed in terms of the LPS rules.The directions given vide this order shall come into force with immediate effect and shall remain in force till the Grid Code 2023 comes into force.