Revised Strategy for Establishment of Offshore Wind Energy Projects: MNRE

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy released a revised strategy for the establishment of offshore wind energy projects on August 17, 2023. This strategy has been revised after considering the feedback shared by several offshore developers. Keeping in view the requirement of the holistic development of offshore wind farms in the country and to fast-track the process, three models are proposed and an indicative auction trajectory has been announced.

Access the strategy paper here


Along with the Strategy paper, two call for proposals have also been issued for carrying out study/survey in identified offshore sites proposed to be leased out for offshore wind project development.

Call for Proposal – Model B: Under this model sites are proposed to be allocated for a period of two years to carry out study/survey. The development of offshore wind energy projects shall be taken up by the selected OWPD after the study/survey period and the power offtake will be the responsibility of the OWPD either used for captive consumption under open access mechanism or sold to any entity through a bilateral power purchase agreement or sold through power exchanges. Government may also call for bids for procurement of power for discoms on the basis of tariff after two years.

Access the call for proposal document here


Call for Proposal – Model C: Under this model, prospective developers may identify any site excluding the sites considered under Model-A and Model-B of the ‘strategy for Establishment of offshore wind Energy Projects, Rev-1 and carry out studyisurvey required for offshore project development.

Access the call for proposal document here