Powering Tomorrow with Solar Excellence, LONGi Unveiled a Range of New Products and Innovations at REI Expo 

Delhi, India, October, 2023 – LONGi made its presence at the 16th edition of Renewable Energy India expo with its all-star product lineup tailored for Utility and Distributed PV scenarios, along with its hydrogen equipment solution.


Efficiency at its best Reliability| Quality| Performance| Value

The flagship product of LONGi Solar for this year is undoubtedly the Hi-MO7 series. It is a new generation of high-efficiency modules and made its debut at REI with two types of products: LR5-72HGD(2278mm*1134mm) with an impressive conversion efficiency of up to 22.8% and a maximum power output of 590W, and LR7-72HGD(2382mm*1134mm) with an efficiency of up to 23.0% and a maximum power output of 620W. Hi-MO7 is developed for the utility market by adopting LONGi’s HPDC cell technology based on M10 n-type silicon wafer with a higher bifaciality of around 80%. Hi-MO 7 excels in power generation, reliability, bifaciality and power temperature coefficient, which make it ideal for use in environments with limited land area, high albedo, and elevated temperatures. With the release of the Hi-MO 7, LONGi has formed a product portfolio of “Hi-MO 5+Hi-MO 7” applied in the large-scale utility power plant market.

“The Hi-MO 7 has commenced mass-production in 2023 H2 at 2 production bases in China, and its production capacity will reach 30GW+ by the end of the year. The BIS certification process is underway for the India market, with products expected to enter in early 2024” said Mr. Pradeep Kumar, the MD of LONGi Solar India. “We are excited to introduce the new products and technologies to the market. India has made significant strides in energy transition and it is among the best globally for solar power. LONGi is honored to contribute to its energy transition and sustainable development. ”

Introducing the Hi-MO X6: A New Era in Distributed Solar Scenarios

Hi-MO 6 module, designed for distributed scenarios, adopts advanced HPBC cell technology and is committed to delivering a superior experience for distributed customers. For better conveying this customer value, LONGi has updated its product brand logo to Hi-MO X6. The debut of Hi-MO X6 module at REI exhibition will inject new vitality to the renewable energy industry in India, a manifestation to our commitment to bringing a unique experience for our distributed customers.

Hi-MO X6 with HPBC cell technology, subtle optical design and application of anti-reflective coating can minimize optical loss and the risk of micro-cracks, improve power conversion efficiency, and thus lower the levelized cost of energy. The efficiency of the standard version of HPBC cell climbs to 25.5%, and the efficiency of the HPBC+ cell reaches to 25.8%. For Hi-MO X6, the adoption of this technology, is granted with the theoretical cell conversion efficiency to 29.1%, which is close to the peak efficiency of silicon-based cells, bringing customers a 6%-10% increase in power generation performance compared to traditional modules and a 23.3% maximum efficiency in mass production, delivering unparalleled value gains to customers. In other part of the world where already Hi-MO X6 has stated performing, LONGi team has observed better generation yield in rooftop installations than other newer technologies.

LONGi Hydrogen ALK Hi1 series & ALK G series product firmly leads in large electrolysis technology

LONGi Hydrogen presented its green energy solution at REI Expo by showcasing the ALK Hi1 series. This series was globally launched in February 2023 and offers significant advantages in terms of high energy efficiency, high reliability, and a high rate of return. LONGi Hydrogen continues to explore LCOH, with an industry-leading energy consumption as low as 4.0 kWh/Nm3. On September 12th, LONGi Hydrogen unveiled the ALK G series product, with hydrogen production capacities of 1200Nm³/h, 1500Nm³/h, 2000Nm³/h, and 3000Nm³/h, the ALK G series product firmly leads in large electrolysis technology. This ultimately results in a roughly 20% reduction in CAPEX when calculated on a per-unit basis. The newly-released product is adaptable to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind worldwide, allowing for greater gas production at lower energy consumption and higher stability.

By the chance of REI, a grand new product launch event was held on October 4 with all the esteemed guests to celebrate the debut of the Hi-MO7 series product and in the meantime announced the 12GW milestone in shipment to India. LONGi is very proud of the achievement and grateful for the consistent support from all the customers.

LONGi is committed to bringing the ultimate user experience to the Indian market with a professional team oriented with customer value. The company’s focus on innovation, quality, and sustainability has earned it a reputation as a trusted partner for customers around the world. For more information about LONGi and its products and technologies, please visit www.longi.com.