MoP issues amendment to guidelines for TBCB process for power procurement from grid connected WPPs

The Ministry of Power (MoP) has issued amendment to the guidelines for tariff based competitive bidding (TBCB) process for procurement power from grid connected wind power projects (WPPs).

As per the amendment, the wind power generators shall be permitted for commencement of supply from full as well as part capacity of the project even prior to the scheduled commercial operation date (SCOD) subject to availability of transmission connectivity and long-term access (LTA)/general network access (GNA). In cases of early part or full commencement of supply of power, the developer shall give 15 days advance notice to both end procurer(s)  and intermediary procurer regarding the advance commissioning of full or part capacity. The end procurer(s) and intermediary procurer shall give acceptance for availing such power within 15 days from the date of service of notice. In case, both the end procurer(s) and intermediary procurer do not give their acceptance to purchase power within the stipulated period, the developer can sell the power to the extent not accepted by the end procurer(s) and intermediary procurer in the power exchanges or through bilateral arrangements.