Siemens to commission 400 kV SVC system at New Wanpoh substation in Jammu & Kashmir

Siemens Limited plans to commission a 400 kV static var compensator (SVC) system at the New Wanpoh substation (-200/+300 MVAr) in Jammu & Kashmir in 2017. The company has already commissioned two such SVC systems at the Ludhiana substation (-400/+600 MVAr) in Punjab and at the Kankroli substation (-300/+400 MVAr) in Rajasthan, which started operations in November 2016 and December 2016 respectively. Notably, the largest fully regulated classic SVC system built by Siemens till date with a reactive power range of 1 GVAr was installed at Ludhiana. The project is part of Powergrid’s plan to modernise the high voltage grid and entails a contract value of Euro 60 million.


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