Government of Nepal passes Electricity Regulatory Commission Bill, 2017

The Nepal government has passed the Electricity Regulatory Commission Bill, 2017, which entails the establishment of the Nepal Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), an independent body to regulate the power sector of the country. The bill will become law within 91 days of being passed by Parliament, following which Nepal’s energy ministry will appoint personnel for the NERC. The commission will regulate organisations involved in the generation, transmission, distribution and trade of electricity. It will have full authority to fix the power purchase rate for the Nepal Electricity Authority and will supersede the existing Electricity Tariff Fixation Commission. The commission, according to the bill, will also establish a code that various energy entities under its jurisdiction will have to follow. The energy ministry has already formed a three-member committee to appoint the chairman and members of the NERC, and will forward it to the cabinet for approval.


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