Pugalur–Madakkathara power corridor in Chhattisgarh to go live this month

The Pugalur–Madakkathara power transmission corridor will go live in November, providing a boost to ’s power import.

With the commissioning of the project, the line will be able to bring 2,000 MW of power from Raigarh in Chhattisgarh. The line is expected to significantly reduce transmission losses. A 165-km, Rs 14.74 billion line has been laid from Pugalur in Tamil Nadu to Madakkathara in Thrissur. The Pugalur-Madakkathara HVDC system is the first transmission network in India to be built on the latest technology voltage source converter-based HVDC system that can minimize transmission loss. The project also includes 138 km of overhead line and 27 km of underground cable from Wadakkancherry to Madakkathara in Kerala.