North India’s first nuclear plant to come in Haryana

North India’s first nuclear power plant is coming up in Gorakhpur village in Fatehabad district, Haryana.

Gorakhpur Haryana Anu Vidyut Pariyojana (GHAVP) having two units of 700 MWe capacity each of pressurised heavy water reactor indigenous design is under implementation. Till date, an amount of Rs 49.06 billion has been spent out of total allocated funds Rs 205.94 billion (total financial progress is 23.8 per cent as on date). Construction of other main plant buildings/structures viz. fire water pump house, safety related pump house, fuel oil storage area-1 and 2, ventilation stack, overhead tank, switchyard control building, safety related and non-safety related tunnel and trenches, retaining walls and garland drain is progressing well. Ground improvement in turbine building– 1 and 2, 220 kV switchyard and induced draft cooling tower (IDCT)-1A is completed. Ground improvement in other areas IDCTs, 400 kV switchyard, emergency makeup water pond and station roads are in progress. The contractors for IDCT package and turbine island package have mobilised site. Purchase orders for major long manufacturing cycle equipment/components like primary coolant pumps, calandria, reactor headers, refuelling machines heads, moderator and other D20 heat exchangers, etc. are already in place. End shields and all steam generators for the first unit have been received at site. Manufacturing of other equipment is in various stages and delivery at site is expected well in time to meet the construction schedule. Construction of water duct from Tohana to GHAVP for meeting operational cooling water requirements has been taken up through Haryana Irrigation and Water Resources Department as deposit work and progressing well.