SAMARTH and NPTI organise national conference on biomass to promote the use of biomass pellets

SAMARTH, the National Mission on Use of Biomass in Ther­mal Power Plants, and the National Power Training Institute (NPTI) have jointly organised the National Conference on Biomass, themed “3P – Pellet to Power to Prosperity”. The Bio­mass Co-firing Policy is a critical step towards meeting India’s renewable energy targets and lowering greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector. Taking into consideration the benefits of biomass co-firing, the government is putting in con­certed efforts to boost the biomass pellet manufacturing sector. So far, around 100,000 mt of biomass has been co-fired in more than 42 thermal power stations, and this volume is expected to increase further in the coming months. In addition, NTPC Dadri was identified as a pilot project for the im­plementation of co-firing of pellets with coal.  NTPC Dadri was the first thermal power plant in India to achieve 5-10 per cent biomass co-firing.