Sandeep Zanzaria: Strategy and Growth Officer, GE Grid Solutions-Asia Pacific

Sandeep Zanzaria, Strategy and Growth Officer, GE Grid Solutions-Asia Pacific
Sandeep Zanzaria, Strategy and Growth Officer, GE Grid Solutions-Asia Pacific

Sandeep Zanzaria has mo­re than three decades of experience in the power sector. He worked at BHEL for 14 years, in various fields inclu­ding commissioning, pro­ject management and en­gineering. Later, he took up roles at Alstom T&D and Schneider Electric. Zanzaria joined the GE Grid Sol­utions business for South Asia as regional commercial leader in 2017, and was responsible for commercial strategy and order intake for the re­gion. In his current role as strategy and growth officer for GE Grid Solutions for Asia Pacific, he is res­ponsible for driving the strategy gro­wth objectives.

On the current state of the power sector, Zanzaria believes that looking at the growth India is anticipating (7-8 per cent), the power sector will grow in a big way. “The country has put in place an ambitious plan of reaching an installed renewables ca­pa­­city of 500 GW by 2030. Gi­ven this, the sector is poised for huge growth in the coming years. It is going to be the sunshine sector for the country in the next 10-15 years,” he notes.

According to him, the key challenges that hinder growth in the sector are project delays due to land-related issues in transmission, and timely closure of fi­n­an­cing for renewable energy projects. The dependence on imports for various raw materials is another bottleneck that hampers growth in the sector. Techni­ca­lly, with the addition of renewables in the generation mix, there will be issues related to availability of round-the-clock po­wer and the grid will become more complex. This will drive initiatives such as di­gitalisation and adoption of ad­vanced technologies.

In terms of sector outlook, Zanzaria remarks, “We are quite upbeat about the outlook for the sector.” He highlights that the thrust on tariff-based competitive bid­­ding projects is back and, as per the Government of India’s report on the tra­nsmission system for the integration of renewables by 2030, huge investments are expected in the sector by 2030. Such growth prospects will offer immense opportunities for equipment manufacturers. “As a key technology provider, GE will play a key role in enabling the energy transition in the country,” he says.

Zanzaria graduated from the Mau­la­na Azad College of Technology (now na­med National Institute of Technology), Bhopal. He has been a member of the na­tional executive council of IEEMA for the past two years and has been actively involved with the IEEMA project division for more than a decade.