Major Strides: Developers’ views

The power generation segment is evolving rapidly, in line with the country’s energy transition and clean energy targets. While there is strong growth in renewable energy capacity addition, the role of thermal power is changing […]


Time for Action: Managing demand-supply curves in a renewables-dominated scenario

The past one decade clearly belon­gs to renewable energy. The first 100 GW of fossil fuel capacity addition took more than 60 years, whe­reas renewable energy raced to 100 GW in less than 15 years (especially the last 50 GW added over five ye­ars). Over the past few years, re­ne­­wable energy capacity addition had been consistently more than fossil fuel capacity addition. The scale of capacity addition combined with competitive bidding as well as the reduction of input costs has resulted in tariffs […]


Enhancing Energy Access

Renewable energy microgrids are not new to India and have been deployed as part of the central government’s efforts under various rural electrification programmes as well as solar energy goals. However, the installation of microgrids […]