Looking Back…And Ahead: Expert survey results

Expert survey results

For this very special issue, we wanted to identify and highlight sector achievements and failures over the past 25 years as well as the changes and challenges to expect over the next 25 years. We decided to not do that with our own analysis but base it on input from top sector experts.

To this end, we sought and obtained views from over 100 experts from across the country and from across segments. These experts have all held important positions and have been closely involved with the sector. They represent every key stakeholder group – gencos, transcos, discoms, policymakers, regulators, technology providers, equipment manufacturers, lenders, investors, consultants, law firms and think tanks.

So here is their take on the past, present and future. The Electricity Act, the dramatic increase in renewable energy, and the creation of a unified transmission grid were ranked as the top three successes in the past 25 years. Creating financially viable discoms is seen as the number one challenge going forward, with privatisation the answer prescribed by the majority. The top three changes over the next 25 years will be decarbonisation, distribution reforms and a greater role of energy storage. Green hydrogen is seen as the most promising technology. Etc., etc.

We also asked them to name the people who have had the most impact on the sector over the past 25 years. There were two names tied for the top, well ahead of all others …